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Web Performance at a glance

The performance of websites is very critical non-functional requirement. A better performing site relates to better user experience, repeated site visits, traffics and hence increased revenues. An ever increasing expectation for performance of websites means that web pages need to be designed to be optimal and fast rendering. At many occasions, websites lose their existing customers in a blink of an eye if they are making slower sites than their competitors.

The value of speed

The hardware and the internet connection speed have developed the urge of high speed web applications in the web users. The internet users prefer to get the relevant information in milliseconds and thus contribute to applications user experience rating. The web speed directly correlates to the user’s retention and thus affects the revenue of the business.

The Major Culprits/ bottlenecks

Web application
  • Extended response time of user and server
  • High CPU usage
  • Invalid data returned
  • HTTP errors (4xx, 5xx)
  • Lots of open connections
  • Lengthy queues of requests
  • Memory leaks
  • Database deadlocks
  • Pages unavailable
Application server
  • Memory leaks
  • Useless/inefficient garbage collection
  • DB connections poor configuration
  • Useless/inefficient code transactions
  • Sub-optimal session model
  • Application server poor configuration
  • Useless/inefficient hardware resources
  • Useless/inefficient object access model
  • Useless/inefficient security model
  • Less utilization of OS resources
  • Load balancing ineffectiveness
  • Poor configuration
  • Very tight security
  • Inadequate over all bandwidth
  • Poor network architecture
Third party component
  • Size of page increases
  • Third party services utilize more bandwidth utilization
  • Not decreased resources
  • Inadequate response time of third party component provider
Web server
  • Broken links
  • Very tight security
  • Inadequate hardware capacity
  • High SSL transactions
  • Server poorly configured
  • Servers with ineffective load balancing
  • Less utilization of OS resources
  • Insufficient throughput

Why Us ?

  • 360° performance engineering
  • High application performance
  • Detailed performance insight
  • Improved user experience
  • High revenue
  • Minimized response time

Benefits You Get

  • Better user experience
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increased revenues
  • Increased traffic
  • Less bandwidth and server peaks
  • Improved ranking
  • Improved crawl time
  • Reduced maintenance cost

We Help You In


Performance Analysis

We measure and analyse performance using key metrics which is custom defined by our expertise based on need of product and throughput based on average response times and pageviews per second values, respectively

Benchmark Testing

The TechAste in-house performance lab uses a variety of automated tests to ensure web site performance. We shares performance testing framework and expertise with customers, which makes performance testing much more cost-effective and efficient than starting from scratch

Bottleneck Identification

Our performance team works with each customer to uncover bottlenecks, provide future capacity planning estimates, and make recommendations to improve performance

Performance Tuning

Our goal of performance tuning is to optimize website performance by eliminating performance bottlenecks with the best in-house practices and methodology

Our Strengths

Technology Diversity
Passionate Team
Strong Advisory
Innovative Development Process
Business Knowledge

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